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Frank Werner
- fine art photography -

Frank has specialized in creating images of the worlds most magic places and combine their magic with a perfect technical image quality. The results are not images but Artworks where you can feel and smell the place and experience an almost 3-dimensional experience, if you stand in front of one of his images.

A typical Image is about 2,35m x 1m but they can be as big as 11×1,5 Meters. Because of his unique technique and the perfect photographic equipment, you can see on each image every detail as if you were in the place yourself. 

- the story -

Frank studied computer science in Germany to a Masters Degree (Diploma) and learned photography in the 1990’s in the streets of Los Angeles and Paris. As he defines himself as a life long early adopter, who loves to explore new things, he switched to High End digital photography already in the earliest days and traded digital knowledge for photography knowledge of some of the best photographers of Los Angeles. His Mentor, the genius Tom Ruddock, who worked for almost every famous magazine in the world, was his most influential experience.

At the beginning of the 21st Century he started to do consulting for companies like Ebay, Swarovski, German Television, BBC and National Geographic Photographers and hundreds more. He helped them to develop their perfect digital and color management workflows.  He is seen as Europes „last instance“ for professional digital imaging knowledge. He was Germanys first Phase One Certified Professional and holds regulary lectures at Fairs like the Photokina in front of hundreds of photographers. He still visits about 8-10 workshops a year himself with the leading photographers of the world, as he knows… learning never ends. 

Image on the Right – © Tom Ruddock.

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